Matchmaker Reviews

656164835ccfe6b8e91b797de8c098f9Nick Says:

I worked hard right out of graduate school to build my career to where it is today. While I was working hard, all of my friends were getting married and having kids. On my 38th birthday I woke up and decided this was the year I needed to start looking if I wanted to have that wonderful wife and a great family. I contact the ladies at Westwood Introductions International and they started introducing me to women right away, on my 4th introductions I met Britney who is gorgeous, classy, intelligent and sweet. She has truly become my partner, best friend and everything I could hope for in a woman. After one year of dating, we have decided to tie the knot and are looking forward to getting married next year!

3dd0b2005f7d314efcf71b792995597aEdward Says:

My experience with Westwood Introductions was amazing one. I came to them a successful guy who was looking for girl of my dreams. Because of my busy job as an attorney I really didn’t have the time to go out to singles events and really didn’t like the caliber of women I was meeting on dating sites. I was looking for a real girl who was interested in getting married and having a family. Westwood Introductions International delivered everything I was looking for and more. Through them I met Lauren, a beautiful small town girl with wonderful personality and a loving heart. We were wed this past weekend and I owe the world to this company’s matchmakers for introducing me to the love of my life!

f95399e9df7c25c9a11757cb27904538Steven And Molly Say:

Because of Westwood Introductions we are living happily ever after! When we joined their service we were both looking to meet a high quality partner, someone who was intelligent, who had good morals and values and most important had a desire to meet their future wife and husband. We were both raised in New England, both attended good schools and both have great careers, so we were looking to meet someone who these characteristics, plus someone who was attractive, fit and marriage-minded. We’ve been dating for 9 months now and have already decided to get engaged!

545444_4311803988320_698390705_nMarcus Says:

I am a business owner who built a great life for myself after moving from Europe, I had the best of everything: the right car, the right house, the right life…all I needed was the right woman to share my life with. Matchmaker Nicole Westwood and her staff helped me through the whole process of finding the love of my life, they really took the time to listen to what I was looking for and then went to work. Five months later I met Ali who is now my fiancee.

395138_506611242697261_729449060_nChristopher Says:

I just want to say that I had a great experience with Nicole and all of the staff at Westwood Introductions International. I was a really busy single father of a little girl who owned a business and did not have time to date or meet the right woman, I was also shy and had gone through a messy divorce so I needed a lot of help when it came to getting back into the dating game. Nicole’s team of dating coaches, recruiters and matchmakers got me into shape and ready to go out in the field and date, meanwhile I was sent on dates with beautiful, intelligent all around great women who were genuinely interested in settling down. Six months after signing up Nicole introduced me to Sarah and we have been together ever since and just last week we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I feel so blessed to have found this matchmaking service and that they were able to introduce me to my soul mate and life partner.


625564_621410284552013_1144311692_nMartin and Gloria Say:

We were both on our second marriages when we contacted Nicole Westwood to help us find one one another. We had both been divorced a long time and because of our age and lifestyles it was hard for us to go out and meet someone of quality. Neither of us are bar people and both of us did not have luck with online dating and all of our friends were married, so we both decided to hire a matchmaker on the advice of our good friends. Just three months later we had gone on our first date and pretty soon after that we were seeing each other exclusively. Today, we have been together three years and are now husband and wife! Despite what people say, it is possible to have your “happily ever after” even the second time around!

67912_526887447336307_579940853_nWill Says:

I am a hard working attorney who spent the first years out of law school working hard to build my private practice, so I did not have time to date. When I got where I wanted to be with my business, I decided I wanted get married and start a family. When I started to date, I did not find any of the women I was meeting where matching up to my high standards. I was looking for a woman who was smart, classy, kind, beautiful and commitment-minded. After going on many bad dates, I found Westwood Introductions International in a Google search and decided to call them up. They gave me a free consultation and two weeks later I was signed up for six months. Just five months later I had met Christie who I am now engaged to marry. I am extremely happy with the service I received and highly recommend this matchmaking service.




1004460_10151438004677202_1377253937_nChris Says:

I want to thank Nicole and the other staff at Westwood Introductions International for their wonderful help in helping me finding the woman of my dreams. I came to them after I spent the first 15 years of my adult working and building my business so when I was ready to find the love of my life, I came to Nicole Westwood and the other matchmakers and coaches who signed me up and over 7 months helped me find a beautiful girl named Lauren. Before I met Lauren, they sent me on dates with some great women, everyone of them I felt was picked based on what I was seeking in a mate. I really felt like the matchmakers really took a lot of time to get to know what I was seeking. I had been a client of two different other matchmaking services and I had never felt like the other agencies got a good idea of what I was seeking because they were too busy with other clients to really get to know me. I really feel like Westwood Introductions International really took time to make my experience as a client extra special, and all of their hard work paid off the day I met Lauren!


998382_10200999386042747_2118235412_nPaul Says:

My experience with Westwood Introductions International was amazing from beginning to end. I signed up for a year contract with their service. I had been to another matchmaker before who I did not have such a great experience with. I felt like with the previous company I worked with I spent a lot of money but did not get a lot in return. With Nicole Westwood and her team at Westwood Introductions International, I not only got the matchmaking I was paying for, I also got excellent customer service and relationship coaching. I really enjoyed working with their agency and ultimately after 11 months found the woman of my dreams!





Jack Says:

Working with Nicole was a terrific experience. She is honest, compassionate and kind. She understands the needs of her clients and works hard to fulfill them. Besides Nicole, I worked with one other matchmaker in San Francisco and found Nicole’s company to be far superior to anything else I have experienced in the matchmaking and dating industry. I guess the best testament to Nicole’s professionalism, dedication to her clients and general skill as a matchmaker is the fact that before I came to their agency I was a lonely divorced guy who and now I am someone who is looking forward to getting married to the woman I love. I am very grateful to Nicole and the woman they introduced me to!”


Michael Says:

Nicole Westwood runs an exceptional matchmaking service for successful, busy guys to meet their perfect match. Nicole really goes above and beyond the call of duty to help find true love for her clients. Working with her, I always felt as if I was a VIP. I put my trust into Nicole to find my Perfect 10 and she delivered a 12!



Alexandra and Joe say:

Before coming to matchmaker Nicole Westwood I wasted over a thousand with a few paid dating sites and many thousands with an over priced matchmaker that did not even come to close to doing the job. When I engaged Nicole I came to her with some skepticism having had wasted so much money. From the very beginning to the very end Nicole Westwood was an exceptional matchmaker. I am extremely picky about the woman that I wanted to make my wife. She had to be a real stunner, with a wonderful personality and intelligence. I knew this was quite a tall order, but Nicole told me it was no problem and went to work with her recruiter Malena to start an extensive search. I met some gorgeous woman and finally settled on Alexandra who is now my wife.


Matthew Says:

I had amazing experience with Nicole. From the moment I sighed up for their concierge package, Club 100 I received first class service. Nicole Westwood worked with me and so did a full time recruiter, Malena, who was out there everyday looking for my dream woman. Because of the recruiter’s attention to detail and Nicole Westwood’s passion for finding her clients true love, I found Sophie, the women who I am engaged to in only three short weeks. If you are looking for a matchmaker who can truly work miracles, then check out Perfect 10 Introductions and their wonderful matchmaking service.



Kevin Says:

I did a lot of research into all of the different matchmakers in Los Angeles and decided to go with Nicole and am so glad I did. Perfect 10 Introductions help me find the woman of my dreams, Brooke the beautiful lady I am now married to. I signed up for their concierge dating service and during my membership they helped me plan my dates and gave me a full time recruiter to help me find my dream woman. The entire process only two months and now I am a happily married man with a gorgeous wife!


Sam Says:

Had a great time working with Nicole and the wonderful recruiter Jessica. Both of these ladies were kind, professional and truly interested in finding me the love of my life, this is a stark contrast to matchmakers I had worked with before Perfect 10 who were only interested in taking my money and not dedicated to any kind of results. I was a client with Perfect 10 Introductions only a few months before I met Victoria, my dream woman.


Cameron Says

Working 90 hours a week left me little time for dating, when I was meeting women, I found I could not meet the caliber of woman I was looking for which is why I turned to Nicole. I signed up and in four months I was dating the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. Jenn is not only beautiful, she is also an intelligent lady with class and heart and I am so happy to have her in my life. I want to thank Nicole for all of her hard work to find me the woman who is now my wife.


31321_107634005949662_4823919_nMitch Says:

We hired Nicole Westwood because we had both tried several other dating services without any luck. Most dating services do not cater to seniors or if they do they have very few in their databases. Westwood Introductions International is different. I asked Nicole if it would be possible for her to help me find a woman in her 60′s or 70′s and she said that she could. With Nicole’s expert recruiters you tell her what you are seeking and she goes out and finds it. I signed a six month contract and she and her recruiters went to work. In the first week, I got two dates alone all with ladies that matched what I was seeking. Five months later I met Joan, a widow who is just a few years younger then me. Since then we have fallen in love and have shared many wonderful experiences together.



Sam Says:

Three years ago I was single, lonely and worked way too many hours. I was looking for a high quality, beautiful woman who was ready to settle down and have a family. Kelly, the beautiful lady I met through Nicole is educated, sweet, classy and has a wonderful personality. From the moment I met her, I knew I had found something special. Today Kelly is my wife and we are expecting our first child!



Julie and Rob Say:

Nicole runs a first rate agency, they put customer service first. From the time we signed up we found Nicole Westwood’s recruiters to be professional, honest and having a real interest in finding their clients love. We fully recommend this agency to any single woman or man seeking their Perfect 10!



Jack Says:

Three years ago I was a single guy who worked too much. Owning my own business did not give me a lot of time to go out and date and when I did I found I could not meet the caliber of woman I was seeking, I was looking for a woman whom I could spend the rest of my life with and have a family but this was surprisingly hard to find! I went to several matchmakers but none seemed to work until a buddy of mine recommended Nicole Westwood. I signed up and within several months I found Samantha who is now my beautiful wife. We are now the proud parents of a baby girl and have another on the way


Ross Says:

With the help of matchmaker Nicole Westwood and their expert recruiter I found the love of my life, a beautiful woman named Marina. I fully enjoyed working with Perfect 10, they are a very honest, reputable matchmaking service who is worth the consideration of any man looking to meet his perfect match!





Jack Says:

Nicole Westwood runs an exceptional matchmaking service. I came to them after a friend of mine recommended using their service after I had gone through a messy divorce. I really enjoyed with owner Nicole Westwood, she is a very genuine and kind matchmaker who really cares about the well-being of their clients and makes sure their experience with her company is nothing short of wonderful. When I asked how long it might take to find their love of my life, Nicole quoted me a time frame of three to six months; This being said,  I was very surprised it only took a month to find the women I fell in love with.



Robert Says:

I had an outstanding experience with Nicole Westwood! From the moment I signed they provided me with first class service and I felt they genuinely had an interest in finding the right woman for me not just in me writing them a big check.After being a client of several agencies, I have found Nicole and her recruiters are some of the best matchmakers in the industry and the only ones able deliver my dream woman!





Tim Says:

Nicole Westwood runs a  matchmaking service that is worth your money and your serious consideration. They helped me find my dream girl who is now my wife, and they can help find you yours!



Jeff and Christie Say:

If you are looking for a great matchmaker, look no further then Nicole Westwood the matchmaking she runs a matchmakingservice that made all of our dreams come true!




Rob and Celine Say:

We are SO happy with our experience Nicole Westwood. She is are one of those rare matchmakers that actually care about finding their customers true love!




David Says:

I Matchmaker Nicole Westwood has a true dedication to what she does and a true talent for finding two people true love. I came to her with very high expectations in a potential mate, and Nicole found a woman who filled them all and then some!



Brian Says:

I had a great time working with Nicole.   very supportive through the whole process. I felt she was there for me at every step of the way and truly cared about finding me my match. I highly recommend Perfect 10 Introductions to any single guys out there who are looking for a high quality matchmaker who can truly deliver results. Because of Perfect 10 Introductions, I am now a married man!


186173_100005025210831_1479954655_nJim Says:

I had a great experience with professional matchmaker Nicole Westwood. I came to her after my second marriage ended wanting to meet a woman in her sixties. Nicole said this was no problem. She and her recruiter took full stock of what I was looking for and then went to work to help me find it. I got to go out with a lot of great women who were charming, intelligent, attractive and cultured. On the forth month working with Nicole, I met a beautiful lady Mona who I have now been seeing for over two years ago. We just got back from a cruise around the world and are now looking at moving in together!






Tom Says:

Nicole Westwood is the best matchmakers on the market. I tried three others before them and they were the only ones who could deliver my dream woman, my true perfect 10!



Alessio Says:

With a very hectic work schedule and a home here and in Europe, dating was quite a challenge for me…before I contacted Nicole Westwood.  She and her great recruiters were able to take all of the hassle out of the search process for the perfect woman and made finding a high quality, gorgeous, classy woman a piece of cake. I signed up with them for a three month contract and they delivered in under two. Sarah and I have been dating for nine months and we couldn’t be happier!


Peter Says:

The best money I ever spent was in hiring Nicole Westwood to help me in finding a wonderful woman. They promised and they delivered all while providing first class customer service. If decide to work with their agency I highly recommend working Nicole. She really knows how to match two people together for love!




Marc Says:

Hey Nicole I just wanted to take a moment and give Nicole Westwood a stellar review that you can share with your potential customers. I had a wonderful experience with her agency and best of all I came out with the woman I was looking for.  I could not have asked for better treatment!


Kelly and Gene Say:

Hi Nicole, we just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to send you a picture and thanks for everything you have done for us. We will have you on our minds as we start this new chapter of our lives as a married couple!



Paul Says:

During the time I spent as a client of Nicole Westwood, I received top notch services at all times. I signed up for a six month contract and came out with a beautiful woman named Alexandra who I am marrying in 3 months! I recommend her services highly to anyone thinking of signing up with her. They are worth every penny you will spend with her!



Matt Says:

Signed up with two agencies who were pretty much scams before coming to Nicole Westwood. When I signed up for her matchmaking services, I was reluctant but open to their help. Seven months later I had met Monica and we have now been dating for over a year!



Steven Says:

I came to Nicole Westwood when I was sick and tired of being single and ready to settle down. I had nothing but bad experiences on dating sites. Nicole’s matchmaking services are a huge step up from, they work with you one-on-one to introduce you to the kind of women who you have really been seeking. After several months with their services I began to date Greta and we have now been dating over a year and a half and are having some serious talks about the future!



Frank Says:

Sign up with Nicole Westwood. Meet the woman of your dreams. It’s that simple.





Michael Says:

Came to Nicole Westwood after a long and painful divorce. I had waited a year and then wanted to begin my life again with someone new. Signed up with them and within a week I was dating Christie who I just married a month ago in a beautiful ceremony in Hawaii. Looking forward to a beautiful life with my dream woman thanks to Nicole Westwood!




Will Says:

We had a great time working with Nicole Westwood. She and her recruiters are patient, compassionate and have a real passion for finding people true love! If you are looking for love, they are the agency to go with for real results!



 James Says:

Nicole Westwood is a matchmakers that delivers exactly what she says and provides top notch customer service through out the whole process! I am happy to say I met my the woman of my dreams through them!



Matt And Lauren Say:

Our experience with Nicole was magical.  We had literally had both just joined the agency a few weeks before when New York matchmaker introduced us. We have now been together for a year and a half and just got married a few weeks ago. We want to thank Perfect 10 Introductions for all they have done for us and would like to recommend them to everything who is considering hiring a matchmaking service!


Todd Says:

Had a stellar experience with Nicole Westwood. In six months, she took me from a single guy who was three years out of a divorce to meeting the love of my life, Tammi. I am truly grateful for all that her and her company has done for me.




Scott Says:

I came to Nicole Westwood’s agency on the recommendation of a friend who had met his wife through this service. At the time I was single and very busy and did not have time to meet Ms. Right on my own. I had tried several other matchmaker in Los Angeles and had been quite disappointed with each of them that I had worked with. I had a lot of doubts about hiring another matchmaker, but my buddy Cameron told me to try this matchmaking service out as they were different then all the other scams out there. I signed up for a six month contract and five months later I met Monica who I am now engaged to!




Ron Says:

Nicole Westwood’s agency is a matchmaking service that delivers results! I came to them a few years ago after getting out of a messy and very expensive divorce. At the time, I didn’t know if I would ever meet anyone ever again. A friend recommended Perfect 10 to me and I signed up on a whim but did not have any high hopes because all of the hurt I had just gone through. After signing a three month contract with them, Nicole Westwood started sending me on dates with women who were not just beautiful, they were smart, educated, interesting and really were interested in finding a man to have a serious relationship with. About two and a half months I met Kelly, an amazingly beautiful nurse who was looking to meet the love of her life. I am happy to report we just bought a home together and are looking to get married in the coming year! I just want to thank Nicole Westwood and her recruiters for all they have done for me


Damian Says:

I can safely say Nicole is probably the best matchmaker in Los Angeles if not in the country. Before becoming their client, I had been a client of three other matchmaking companies who did not have a clue how to set two people up for a successful relationship. A female co-worker of mine recommended Perfect 10 Introductions after she had met a nice guy through their service. That was three years ago, now I can tell you my co-worker is married to the man she met through Perfect 10 and last night I got to chance to propose to my dream woman, my own Perfect 10, Elizabeth who I met through their service. I am looking forward to getting married next year and building a life with the woman I love. I am so grateful to Perfect 10 Introductions and want to tell everyone  that if you are looking for a honest, dependable matchmaker that is worth every penny, look no further then Nicole, she is one of the only matchmakers in the industry that actually work.




Marco Says:

With the help of the matchmaker Nicole Westwood, I found my dream woman! I would recommend their service highly to any single guys out there trying to meet Ms. Right! I met mine through them and your can meet yours too!




Mario and Laura Say:

Hey Nicole, just want to let you know we just got our engagement photos back from the photographer and we have been sending them out to everyone and we thought you might like a copy! We are in the midst of planning our wedding, but we think it is going to be sometime in Spring of 2013. Can’t wait to see you there! You will be our guest of honor!



Micah Says:

I had a wonderful experience with the matchmakers Nicole’s agency. They are kind, honest and compassionate. When I came to them, I had just gotten out of a 5 year relationship and was not  sure I would ever find anyone ever again. In three months this all changed when I met Anna who I have been going out with for a year now. I am so thankful to this agency for all they have done for me and so thankful to have found my perfect 10!



Tommy Says:

Nicole Westwood’s matchmaking services are amazing! Within a few months of signing up I had met my dream woman, Sophia. We have being going out now for over two years and are now talking seriously about getting married. If you want real results, try out Nicole Westwood’s service. You will not be disappointed!



Patrick and Lauren Say:

We had SUCH an amazing experience with Nicole Westwood. Before coming to their matchmaking services , both of us were having no luck dating because of our hectic schedules. We both founding dating in New York city very challenging, especially when you are relying on dating sites and unsuccessful  singles events to find Mr. or Ms. Right. Perfect 10 Introductions is such a breath of fresh air and made finding the love in NYC amazingly simple. We are glad to say we have now been dating for a year and a half and are looking forward to a beautiful future together!



Charlie Says:

Hi Nicole, just a quick e-mail to tell you that we have just come back from our honeymoon and wanted to send you a quick testimonial that you could share with your potential customers looking to use your company’s service. I just want them to know how great we think your service is and the fact that I got to meet the woman I am now married to is worth every penny paid to your agency–and more!


Alex Says:

I came to Nicole Westwood after several years of bad luck with dating sites.  I came to Nicole’s matchmaking service on the advice of a friend who met his wife through this service. Within in six months of signing up, I met Jackie and am now happy to report we are engaged and getting married in 2013!



James Says:

I unfortunately am what many ladies call a “nerd.”, I work long hours in the tech industry and really never had a lot of time to go out and meet women, and even if I did have time, I did not really have the game that most guys did with  successfully approaching women. I signed up for matchmaking services with Nicole Westwood after a co-worker of mine suggested it, apparently one of his best friends had met his current girlfriend through Nicole Westwood. I called them up and from the very beginning, I really felt like they cared about my situation and wanted to make an honest effort not only to help me find the love of my life but to look good doing it. I worked with Nicole as well as with their recruiters, stylist and relationship coach. Together this whole team really helped me transform into the type of guy that ladies want to meet as well as give me a lot of self-confidence. Five months after signing up, I met Rachel who is beautiful, sweet and educated, she is also Jewish which was a big concern for me when meeting a woman for marriage as this is very important to both me and my family. I am happy to report Rachel and I have been married now for a year and are talking about getting having kids. I am so happy and want to let everyone know to give Nicole Westwood’s service a try, the can change your life!



Robert and Maria Say:

Today we celebrated our love by exchanging our vows in a beautiful ceremony in the countryside of Italy. This day would not have been possible if it were not for the kind, professional and honest matchmaker Nicole Westwood and her recruiters, the people responsible for making all of our dreams come true! We want to thank Nicole  from the bottom of our hearts for giving us both the gift of true love!


Nathan Says:

I had a stellar experience with Nicole Westwood. After wasting my money with 3 matchmaking agencies who could not do the job, I came to Perfect 10 Introductions at the advice of my brother who had meet his wife through their service. At first I was skeptical, but then after talking to Nicole, I was more at ease and ready to give it a go. Within five dates, I had met Samantha the beautiful woman I am now engaged to!


Brian Says:

Hi Nicole, just want to say thanks again for the excellent experience I had with your agency. I am so thankful that I found your wonderful agency and more thankful that you found me Kari! Everything is going great with us as we look towards a bright future full of endless possibilities.




Daniel Says:

Nicole Westwood’s matchmaking  process is simple, quick and efficient. I signed up for a three month contract and in month two I met Milena. I would recommend their service highly to single guys out there looking for a perfect 10 lady to call their girlfriend or wife.



Steve Says:

When I signed up with Nicole Westwood I had just gone through a very rocky divorce and wanted to start a new life with a new woman. Because of the divorce, it was hard for to enter the dating game again, but with the help of Perfect 10′s relationship coach and matchmaker in New York I was able to. Within six months of signing up, they introduced me to Kayla who has been my girlfriend for over a year. During the dating process, I got a chance to work with Victoria who is one of the best dating coaches in the country as well as Matt who helped me through the matchmaking process.  Nicole Westwood who is a wonderful matchmaker and really takes the time to give each of her clients special attention. Nicole’s services are worth every penny they ask, as you can not put a price on a life with the woman of your dreams!


Charles Says:

Three years ago I was a single guy who was working 90 hours a week with no time to meet women much less go on a date.  On the rare chance I got to actually meet a woman for a date, I usually met them through dating sites or buddies of mine tried to act as matchmakers to introduce me to women they thought I would like which always ended in disaster (never trust you friends to match you up with someone), when I had grown tired of this and tired of being lonely I took the advice of a friend who had met her husband through Nicole Westwood and called her up. I was connected instantly with Matt in New York who is a cool guy. He not only introduced me to beautiful, intelligent women, he also provided relationship coaching and advice on how I could increase the chances of meeting Ms. Right! I really liked working with Matt and because of him I am now married and the father of a 5 month old son!


Michael and Becca Say:

Hi Nicole, we just want to let you know that our son Jack came into the world last week and we are overjoyed! We are both looking forward to being a mom and dad to our tiny little miracle. We just wanted to update you with the wonderful news and thank you again for the stellar experience we had with your agency. Keep up the good work!



Brian Says:

Working with matchmaker Nicole Westwood made finding my dream woman possible. From the moment I contacted them, they were wonderful. They took in account everything I was looking for in a perfect mate and delivered it. I found a woman who was not only my perfect match, she was 100 times better then I thought my dream woman would be like! I am so grateful for all of the hard work Nicole Weswood and her recruiters put in in to making my dream reality. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is ready to meet the love of his life.


Matt and Beth Say:

What a perfect experience we had with Nicole Westwood. As busy professionals, trying to find love was hard. We both went through a few years of singles events and dating sites before we both decided to throw in the towel and hire a matchmaker. After interviewing several matchmakers, we decided to go with matchmaker Nicole Westwood and we are so glad we did because within under four months of signing up we had met each other and started dating exclusively.Today we are engaged and looking forward to our wedding!


Nick Says:

Thank you so much for all of your help in connecting me Samantha, I really had a good time using your service. I have to say all of the ladies you introduced me to were true perfect 10s, but I got an 11! My friends are all jealous of my beautiful wife and are now interested in using your service as well!



Matthew Says:

I received first class service with the matchmaker Nicole Westwood. I came to this agency a year out of messy divorce. I was ready to start again and meet the love of my life. I work long hours and have two children so sometimes making time for dating is tough. I wanted to find someone who would be a great match. I signed up for a six month commitment with Nicole Westwood. As soon as the ink was dry on the contact, she was out there looking high and low for my perfect match. Nicole has a real passion for her job and and an unreal dedication to her clients. She introduced me to some great women, but in month five I ultimately ended up meeting Julie, the woman I have now been dating for a year and a half.


Gene and Mary Say:

We both came to their service when we were both newly divorced and looking to meet someone we could start over with. We both had no idea that when we signed up with Nicole we would meet just three months after! We are so grateful to this company to have taken the time to introduce us and recommend it to all of the singles out there looking for their perfect match!


Matthew Says:

Two years ago I was single and lonely. I was spending most of my time working so I didn’t have to pay attention to the fact that I was single and didn’t have a woman to share my life with. During this time I tried all kinds of dating sites and singles events, but none really worked out at all. I was about to give up when a friend of mine suggested I contact Nicole. Before I called them, I didn’t have a lot of confidence that matchmaking would work, especially when I had so many failures on dating sites. As soon as I got on the phone with Nicole  is when my faith in matchmaking was piqued, but I was still wary. I talked to my friend about it and he told me I should go ahead and try their service since he said his brother in law met his wife through them.I signed up for a three month commitment and amazingly by date three I met Jennifer, we have now been going out over a year and a half and just bought a home together and are looking forward to spending a long and beautiful future together.


Matt and Gina Say:

We had an absolutely magical experience with this company. From the moment we both signed up with the service we were given excellent service and really made to feel like a VIP while working with CEO Nicole Westwood. We were only members for a few weeks when we went on a date and from that moment, we knew that it was meant to be between us. Last weekend we celebrated our nuptials and are right now writing this review from our honeymoon in Thailand. We are so thankful to Nicole for introducing us and highly recommend Nicole Westwood  as a matchmaker for any single person out there looking for the kind of love we share.


Paul Says:

A few years ago I was single, working long hours and looking to meet a woman to share my life with. Being in San Francisco, I did not have much of a selection of matchmakers to choose from. I asked around to several of my friends and one of them recommended Nicole Westwood after his brother had met his current girlfriend through them. I met with matchmaker Nicole in the company’s Los Angeles office and felt very quickly that she was the best choice of matchmaker for me and I was right.  After just four months, Nicole introduced me to Brooke and we went out on a date. From the moment I saw her come into the restaurant, I knew she was the one. Brooke and I dated for over a year and a half after that night until I proposed to her. Today she is my wife and we have a wonderful life and a wonderful future thanks to Nicole Westwood.


David Says:

When I signed up for this company’s service I was a single dad with full custody who runs his own business. Between being a dad and working, I did not have much time to date. When I did go on a date, the challenge of being a single dad always complicated things. When I started going on dates through matchmaker Nicole Westwood, dating became easy and enjoyable once again. I was being introduced to women who were picked out especially for me. After three months, I met Jade who I ave been going out with now for 8 months.


Linda and Mark Say:

Both of us had lost our spouses and we came to Nicole Westwood to start over after we had gone through a lot of grief and pain. Both of us had been married for over 40 years and neither of us wanted to go through the whole process of dating, we just wanted to find someone who we could share our lives with. Nicole Westwood who is a very kind, very understanding, very compassionate matchmaker. She truly understood what we were going through and was able to introduce us in only 3 months. We are so grateful to Nicole Westwood for  assisting us with finding each other.


Rich Says:

I am a single dad and because of that meeting women on dating sites and out about just did not work. I came to this matchmaking service on the advice of a female friend of mine who was also using their services and had met a lot of really great guys. I had never used a matchmaker before, so I look a leap of faith and decided to sign up and I am so glad I did. Working with Nicole Westwood, dating life suddenly became a whole lot more simple. For the first time I could go out with a woman and not have to dread telling her that I have kids. It’s nice to just got on a date and you know she knows everything up front–just like you. I  signed up for a six month contract and ending up meeting Alicia in the 4th month. One of the best calls that I made in a long time was the one to Nicole to tell her I had found the one!


Brianna and Marshall Say:

We had a brief but delightful experience with Nicole Westwood. We say brief because we signed up around the same time and literally, within weeks we had met each other and were dating exclusively. During our month long membership with her service we found Nicole Westwood to be professional, kind and honest. We have been dating over a year and are now engaged and looking forward to getting married next year!