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Westwood Introductions International is a private member’s only matchmaking service and realtionship coach which serves as your passport to the most exclusive women in the world. A membership with us provides you with unlimited access to an unrivaled selection of exceptional women. Our elite tiers of membership are designed so that everything is catered to your preferred level of assistance, tailoring our service to your personal requirements.

Some Questions You May Have About The Women You Will Be Meeting Through Our Service:

Where are the women in your database located?

The women in our database come from all over the United States, Canada and the UK.

How do your matchmakers and recruiters find the women you will be introducing me to?

Our professional matchmakers find our beautiful single women in three ways:

-Single, commitment and marriage minded women come to our site and apply to be be in our database. We get over 75-100 applications a day from women all over the country. Our selective recruiters and matchmakers generally only take about 5-10% percents of applicants to make sure our clients meet only the best!

-Recommendations that come through the hundreds of women who we have matched up with their dream guys to who would like their friends to meet their dream guy through us as well.

-Our recruiters work tirelessly one-on-one with each of our clients to find women custom-tailored to what they are looking for.

What are the women in your database looking for?

The women in our database and that are found by recruiters in their searches are tired of the dating scene and ready to meet the love of their life for a monogamous committed relationship that will lead to marriage, many women in our database are also very family oriented and would love to have children with the man of their dreams.

What age range of the women you work with?

Our database has women as young as early twenties to women in their early sixties, most of the women in our database are from the age range 22-45.